Fair trade facts. By Bismah.

In my own time at home I have looked up on fair trade and here are some facts:

The first tea products on the shelves carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark were Clipper Sri Lanka Golden, Clipper Nilgiri Blue Mountain and Clipper Earl Grey Nilgiri.

The first town to achieve Fairtrade status was Garstang in 2000

Since launching in 2000, Fairtrade bananas now account for 1 in 4 bananas sold in the UK.

Since the introduction of Fairtrade happened in 2005, annual sales have risen from a humble 200,000 to a marvellous 7.79 million in 2008.

More than 7 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America are not treated fairly how they should be. – farmers, farm workers, and their families.

The first three Fairtrade products appeared on shop shelves in 1994 – now more than 4,500 products have been licensed to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, including sugar, grapes, mangoes, avocados, dried fruit, cakes, jams, rice, herbs & spices, wines, beers, ice-cream, flowers, sports balls, clothing, homeware, Palestinian olive oil and cosmetics!!


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