Fair trade by Noorulain!!!

Here are some examples of fair trade things: sugar, tea, chocolate, wine, coffee, bananas, fruits and juices, honey, cotton and bean sprouts. The co-operative is a store that has alot of things that are fair trade.Fair trade is products that are better to buy than other products because the people who make or grow them get a fair price Often it is the people far away who grow foods, such as cocoa beans for your bar of chocolate, who are the ones who get the worst deal from what you buy. We have been shocked to see how far our food travels. Most fair trade things are made in Africa did you know that some countries in Africa and other places are poor?.  

2 thoughts on “Fair trade by Noorulain!!!

  1. It was a good idea to make our products because so we could sell them for bearwood primary school and after that we can give this money to uganda part of africa.So now they can have clear water , clothes , books for school , food to eat and other things.

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