Molly`s Diary entry! By: Paige


Dear Diary,

Today has been the worst day of my entire life let me tell you about it. When I was just strolling along the street there was a girl she was holding her wand, I had a lot of shopping in my hand the she spotted me and poiletly said, do you want me to give you a hand with the shopping and I replied yes please, so I gave her my eggs and one of my bags and then… SMASH! BANG! there went the eggs, milk and my tins of cat food. She then went HAHAHAHAHAHA you think I was really going to give you a hand with your shopping I odvisouly replied well yes I thought you would have.

Next morning I woke up and saw the girl who smashed all my eggs, milk and cat food running on peoples gardens, I had to do something about the girl otherwise if I don`t then shes going trash peoples gardens and smash shopping. So I rushed over there and shouted, DON`T BE SO HORRIBLE AND NASTY TO OTHER PEOPLE IT IS NOT NICE IT HURTS THERE FEELINGS AND THERE EMOTIONS! then she started to cry her tears fell as gentle as a cascanding waterfull. I felt a little bit guilty I guess I am the victim but she did deserve or did she.? I was just going for a little walk up the street when I saw the same exact girl who I made cry she stomped over to me and stamped on my foot and kicked me, it had really hurt for the rest of the night. I need to do something about this girl but what can I do I keeped thinking then at 12:00 am I had an brill,fantastic idea YIPPIE I shouted. I just then limped over to there house luckly they were still up I knocked on there broken,rusty door and a tall,hairy man came to the door, he couldn`t see me then he saw me hello said the man in the deepest voice I have ever heard Hello I replied What have you come over here for? asked the man well its about your daughter see she has stamped and kicked me also trashed my garden and shopping could you just tell her to stop please I told the man Ok fine no go me and my wife are packing to go on a holiday tommorow ok bye bye and that was the end of that little girl but she is coming back so it isn`t the end.


Do you think that Molly should`ve told her Mom and Dad when she trashed her shopping?

I would also like some ideas about what Molly could do for her next adventure. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Molly`s Diary entry! By: Paige

  1. I really love your diary paige your writing is getting much better I really can’t wait for the next part.

  2. To make it even much better create a suspense or a secret question lots of children will enjoy your diary.

    • I did too plus your diary entry has a good rethorical question that gave me a mixed feeling so well done Paige 😛 😮 🙂 😀 😕

  3. I agree zoe I really liked when you put a rethorical guestion people would think what would happen next keep it up page well done.

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