Pantomimes- First Draft. Gautum and Awais.

Here is our first draft of our Aladdin Pantomime (Act 1, Scene 1).

Please use the WILF to help give us feedback. What do you like? How coulde improve?

Scene 1: The Launderette

Wishee Washee: (Introduces Himself) Hi. I’m Wishee Washee. (Walks to washing machine) I work and live here in the launderette. But my brother Aladdin is more interested in chasing girls than working. Also my Mum is more interested in trying to find herself a husband! That means I have to do all the work around here.

I said- that means I have to do all the work. (Makes an Ahhhhhhhhh sound and raises hands to encourage the audience).

Oh here comes my Mum. You might have seen her wobbling along Bearwood High Street in her pyjamas!

(Widow Twanky enters SR with a huge pile of dirty washing).

Widow Twanky: (Yelling) What are you doing? You lazy old fool. Do I have to do everything around here?

Widow Twanky: (Turns to audience) Would you like to help me with all my hard work since my son is so rubbish and lazy? (Audience replies yes).


I bet you won’t be able to do it. Wishee Washee is utterly hopeless and you lot in the audience tonight look even more dumb than him! I didn’t even think that was possible! You can’t help me, can you?

Wishee Washee: (Encouraging the audience)

Oh yes we can!

Widow Twanky: Oh no you can’t!

Audience: Oh yes we can!

Widow Twanky:  Well help me sort these smelly socks and pants then! (Throws out a pile of smelly pants and socks to the audience).


Aladdin: (Aladdin enters SR) Hi mom.

Widow Twankey: (Shouting) Where have you been Aladdin?

Aladdin: Well I was trying to find a girlfriend.(faces Audience) Actually are there any pretty girls in here? (searches the audience than jumps back in shock)

No definitely not. You lot look terrible!

 (Whispering) Who are these ugly lot mom?

Widow Twankey: Don’t worry I invited them.

Aladdin:  You invited all these people to our launderette?  Well how are they supposed to fit? Oh well you enjoy yourself and I’m off to try to find another girlfriend…

(Aladdin strolls off SL).

18 thoughts on “Pantomimes- First Draft. Gautum and Awais.

  1. You wrote the names on the left hand side and with a colon after the name and stage directions you also uesed clafs and panto phrases.

    E.G oh no you can’t, oh yes we can.

    🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  2. You have worked really hard on scene1 you have met all the WILF and you have got loads of funny jokes we dont think you need to add anything more its a great scene. 😉

  3. This is a superb story, you have met the WILF today. I really find the part funny when Aladdin says he needs to find a girlfriend!

  4. Well done Gautam and Awais. You have worked really hard to meet the WILF. I especially like your audience participation. Could you add in a joke to make it really in the pantomime style?

  5. wow you have done lots of things i think you have added all the things on the WILF list i esspecially like the audiance participation. but do you think you could add one more joke to make it funnier? anyway well done gautam and awais.

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