Here is our first draft of our Aladdin Pantomime (Act 1, Scene 5).

Please use the WILF to help give us feedback. What do you like? How coulde improve?

By Kamal

Scene 5

(Abanazar and Aladdin enter SL to the entrance of the cave)

Abanazar: (Give out a loud cackle) We are here Aladdin at last. What a journey! I can’t see the cave anywhere though!

Aladdin: (looking scared) It…it sure was Abanazar. But where is the cave?

Abanazar: I don’t know, can you help us boys and girls? Where is the cave?

(Audience should shout ‘it’s behind you)

Abanazar: behind me oh yes now I can see it.

(Abanazar uses his powers to open the cave)

Abanazar: Aladdin go and get the lamp out of that cave.

(Aladdin goes inside the cave)

19 thoughts on “Pantomimes!

  1. I really like your scene of alladin. i like all the effort you have put into the script and i like all of the stage directions you put into it. 😎 😀 🙂

  2. Wow!! Really good effort! I like your use of stage directions and how you describe the way people say things.To improve you could add jokes but overall a very good script. 🙂

  3. A great script Kamal. Well done!! 🙂

    star: You have used brackets effectively and the script is very clear.

    Wish: You could add some more wow words. Other than that FANTASTIC!! 😀

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