Firefighters visit Road safety

Road safety
First thing this morning on Thursday 19th May, we (5LH) got to meet the fire fighters to learn a bit more about them. Everyone was very excited to meet them.
One of the activities was road safety. We had to look at a picture and find the hazards and safety. There were crosses for the wrong answers and ticks for the right. For example there was somebody who was riding the bike with a helmet so that was a tick and somebody without so that had a cross on it.
On the other side there were no crosses or ticks so we had to find them ourselves. We found almost all the hazards on there. The most dangerous one was talking on the phone and putting your hand out the window of a moving car. A shocking one was that a normal tissue box can weigh as much as a house brick when you have the car crash!


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  1. On Thursday 19th may 4 fire fighters came in to Y5 and we went in to the small hall and we did 4 activitys in the 1st one was where we got to test the smoke alarm and the 2nd one was where we had a peice of paper and there was a picture and we ahd to circle the danjerous things. The 3rd one was about road saftey and the 4th one wad where we got to test out how to ring the fire service and we was talking about hoax calls.

  2. It was really good when the fire fighters came we learnt what to do in a case of fire and we learnt about smoke alarms car safety and hazords that you can have in your home and we had this booklet that we had to use to check if there is any hazords or if you need a check up ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I had loads of fun working with the fire fighters. We also learnt loads about safety
    and doing all the workshops were great,
    I hope we have loads more visitors.

  4. I really enjoyed learning about road safety and how to cross the road safely. There were 4 activities altogether at different spaces in the Juniour Hall. We learnt about road safety, smoke alarms, hoax calls and fire hazards. I had a brilliant time and thanks to the fire fighters for coming. We recieved Fire Booklets and Junior Fire inspecter form to fill in. We had alot of fun learning from each workshop.

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