Firefighters at Bearwood Hoax Calls

Hoax Calls don’t call 999
First we talked about a boy called Jimmy who made a hoax calls. We also discussed about the consequences of hoax calls. Along with that we also practiced calling 999 and talking to the fire service. The fireman asked us questions like, have we ever experienced a fire? He also asked us about our contact details. He gave us instructions on how to call the fire brigade in case of a fire.
Remember smoke kills in seconds, fire kills in minutes.


9 thoughts on “Firefighters at Bearwood Hoax Calls

  1. Hoax calls can waste time and lives. You can get disconnected from your phone or might even get a visit from the police!

  2. Hoax calls waste time and lives. Fire-fighters can get to houses with real fires. So please don’t make them.

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