The 999 headquarters in Bearwood by Elliott

The 999 headquarters in Bearwood
In class we have started a new project and it is called Emergency and to start this great topic in our groups we have a corner of the room. In groups to make it into the headquarters. My group did Fire service and the other 3 were coastguards, police and ambulance. We started the topic by watching the film emergency. It is about a boy who gets bullied and the bullys make a hoax call to the fire service reporting there was a fire when really there was no fire. We had to make posters , models and examples of how to use a fire extinguisher or how to save somebody from drowning.

41 thoughts on “The 999 headquarters in Bearwood by Elliott

  1. I found it very fun building our headqauters and i have learnt a lot more about
    fire and fire stations it was so fun!!!

  2. Wow i wish i was here but in my school our topic is greeks we had a greek day and played greek games.

  3. I really enjoyed doing the emergency headquarters. I was working on doing the coast guards headquarters and role playing trying to save someones lifes once they had drown. Even though i thought ours was the best all the other ones were brilliant

    • Hajra I love the emergency too I liked it when the firemen came and I liked the thing we done in that topic too.

  4. me and my group were doing ambulance it was fun and we made a bed and then we got to try ouit other groups headquarters it was a terriffic day.

  5. Me and my group was doing about Coast guards. In my group was Simran, Summer, Venus, Dylan J, Dildeep and Yousuf I was impressed with my group.

  6. We had so much fun. but the most important part was that we tried our best. Also we used our unkown skills to show what we did know and what we already did not know.But we tried and thatswhat matter.

  7. When the firefighters come to our school we leant about that the road is dangerous when the cars are coming. Then we want to all different groups to learn more about the fiefighters. It was very fun at the end of it.

  8. I enjoyed bliuding my Coast graud HQ (Head Quaters) But my group found it hard to do the resreach beacuse we couldn’t find the right sites.

  9. My group made a Ambulance HQ. It was easy for me because my Mums a nurse and I knew a lot about ambulances. I bought in some bandages and other equipment from home aswell to put in my corner.

  10. our team was Me, Rachel, Amanveer , Hajra, Josh, Vikesh and Emmanuel I really liked this topic we were lucky because the firemen came in too and our team done fire service so we got a little more information when the firemen came it was really fun πŸ™‚ . πŸ˜€

  11. My group are doing the coast guards and we have a poster of the (CPR) and the (ABC) (Airway,Breathing,Circulation) i don’t know what CPR is because it dosn’t say. We have the biggest map ever in our classroom.It takes up about two wallls and we have two little posters of the flags and stuff. The employes are Dilldeep,Venus,Pritpal,simran,Yousuf, Summer and Dylan J so that’s the employes. We have keys for the Book,Water craft, Hover craft and helicopter.

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