Have you seen Matthew? By Niamh

Could you help year 5 to find Matthew? Please listen to our appeals to help us get him back safely. In literacy this week we have been watching a video about a boy called Matthew Turner. His house is full of dangerous hazards like: a t-shirt on top of the toaster, too many plugs in 2 sockets, the smoke detectors were off, candles were on the TV and many more. Matthew is also getting bullied at school so he runs away. His mom and dad report it to the police and end up on the telly. Mattew gets woken up by the bullies and they take him to they’re hideout. The next day the bullies go back to the hideout with Mattew and ask him if he could do something really bad.Then Matthew lit a fire and the fire grew bigger. They all ran out and Mattew’s foot got stuck in some railings …




9 thoughts on “Have you seen Matthew? By Niamh

  1. These are some very good apeals and After matthew does go home it was a really good story and yo get to learn about two things which are Bullying and hoax calls wich are as bad but you should never do a hoax call and you should never bully some one 😀

  2. I was really impressed with how all of you worked in role as Matthew’s parents. I thought the appeals were really hear felt.

  3. I think all of your appeals were really brilliant to watch it was so interesting
    if it were real I bet he would definitely go home.

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