Year 5 have been looking at fair trade this term, they have decided to make products for their chosen charity event on Thursday 7th April. Take a look at the products being designed and made.


16 thoughts on “Enterprise

  1. Making the products is really fun my team are making T-Shirts and on the front is a D.S and on the back it says PLAY FAIR and the top of the D.S is black and the bottom is light blue we are using fabric paint and we have already done 9 T-Shirts the T-Shirts are 1.50 but if you want your name in the D.S screen it is only 2.00 we are aming to make 10 T-Shirts or more.

  2. we are selling them in the play ground if it is a nice day or if it isnt we will use the hall if there is nobody in there if there is we will use 5hs class room

  3. Im having fun making the products I was making a moneybox but that was to hard so now were making masks we are doing them realy well and we should have done that from the start. I wish we could do things like this alot more because its arty and fun. Hopefully we are going to be doing things like this alot more!!! 🙂

  4. Everyone in 5dh are making lots of progress for making our products to sell on Thursday.
    And we are all having fun at making them I hope we all have a brilliant time although
    some people haven’t got that much done. 🙂

  5. I really enjoy making the products, I hope we can do more stuff like this more often… I am making jewellry with Alice and Dylan Greene

  6. making our prouducts is really fun i just hope we make enough money to help all of oxfam with water and every thing im so glad we’ve made enough products to get loads of money and help them

  7. Well i was working with Dylan J and Dildeep and we was making fairtrade football cards. I really nether wanted to make cards but i wanted to make bookmarks because it’ll been so much quicker. But when we stated to make the cards I really enjoyed making the cards but I still wanted to make the bookmarks. When we was selling it people got our product quickly. It was great selling them I hope everybody enjoyed making them.

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