Comic Relief

Year3,4,5,6 and any parents who wanted to join us,all walked to Warley Woods to walk 1 mile for Comic Relief.The Theme was something funny for money where children and staff dressed in something funny and donated 20p to Comic Relief.Here we are having a great time take a look.


28 thoughts on “Comic Relief

  1. This years red nose day was fabulous. It was really fun and i am glad that a lot of people took part in it and dressed up for the occasion. As well as that my daddy took part as well and i was absolutely proud of it.

  2. I really enjoyed doing the sponser walk it was fun most of us was dressed really funny and i dressed in my jammies and so did Luisa and Elliana and i did to i had my dressing goun on but i was really hot and after that we had the Bearwoods got talent it was great Luisa and Elliand and Summer sang jessie j price tag they were really good πŸ™‚

  3. I really enjoyed red nose day beacuse we didnt have to stay in the classroom we got a chance to go to a park / woods πŸ˜€

  4. We reaised over Β£800.00 this year everyone was exited and loved what they did .
    We was thrilled at what we raised, and all of KS2 enjoyed all the fun. πŸ™‚

  5. Well it definitely will m ake a difference for all the people with diseases and disabilities ,because we raised a whopping amount of Β£74,360,207!! well that wuold approximately help maybe 100 or even 1000 families arund the world live a happy life!

  6. This years red nose day was FANTASTIC!I wore tincel around my neck as a scarf and put my stocking on my hand and wore my pink bunny ears!

  7. I loved doing something funny for money. Everyone looked hilarious. I laughed out loud when i saw how every one looked.

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