Oh No It Isn’t!

Next half term we are going to write and perform a pantomime to KS 2. It’s going to be absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait! Have you ever been to a pantomime? Do you know the names of any pantomimes? What type of characters, settings and problems are there in pantomimes?


We will also be going to the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton to watch the pantomime Aladdin!

101 thoughts on “Oh No It Isn’t!

    • me too Tanvir and It is very very sad that Miss De Kanter has left. But remember 5LH the L is for Miss Halls first name and h is for Miss Halls last name.

  1. I can’t wait till we go to the pantomime to watch Aladdin but i hope the coach doesn’t breack down lile last time but to round it up we are going to do Aladdin as a class and plus we might have a bit fof a magic trick up are sleeve

  2. I wonder what the 3D Genie is going to be like. I just can’t wait. I want to sit right at the top so I can get a good view.

  3. WOW!! It was outstanding. I’m so lucy that I went to the Aladdin Panto. It’s only my first ever Panto i’ve been to. The 3D

  4. WOW!! It was outstanding. It’s only the first ever Panto i’ve been to. I never thought Pantomimes are this fun. The 3D ellements are really frighthening to see, I didn’t even think the 3D glasses would even work! =-)

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