Writer’s Workshop – 21st May 2010

Thank you…

In tomorrow’s Writer’s Workshop, you’ll be writing a letter as Matthew, to the fireman that saved him from the burning warehouse.

You need to write with emotion, thanking him for being heroic and saving you, explaining your actions and what you have learnt from the whole experience.

We’ll be looking for:

Evidence that you have achieved your targets from last week’s Writer’s Workshop.

Various ways of opening sentences, such as ing ly

Use of Power Punctuation—! ? and …

Mr Murphy and Miss de Kanter have really enjoyed reading your writing this term and are looking forward to another fantastic piece tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – 21st May 2010

  1. Well I am going to start of with Dear Firefighter, I am writing to you to tell you how greatful I am to you for resucing me. Thats all I could think of.

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