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14th May 2010
Dear Year 5 Pupil,


You have been appointed as Features Editor for a local magazine aimed at children aged between 7-11. You are responsible for all of the special feature articles that your magazine publishes.

Your first task is to write an article persuading young people not to make hoax phone calls to the Fire Brigade.

You will need to include:
Persuausive vocabulary
Clafs & Power Punctuation ( ! ? …)
Rhetorical questions
Headline and sub headings
Special writing features, such as ‘ing ly’, 2a sentences, and WOW words
Any useful facts or figures about hoax calls that you know

You can search the web for any information you feel you will need. I have placed some useful information on the school blog:

You may want to also leave some comments about your ideas.

Thanks, and once again, congratulations on your new job!

The Word on the Street Magazine

9 thoughts on “New Job – Features Editor – The Word on the Street Magazine

  1. This week’s writer’s workshop was great at least we did not have to any diary entries or letters to any fake people!

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