Tuesday By Rebin


Frogs are sleeping

Eyes widened

The frog gulped

Drift into air

The birds are resting

Frogs scared them

Off the electric lines

Frogs have mess of blankets

Hanging on the line

Sliding down the trousers

Tuesday By Merin

Frogs are sleeping

Eyes wide

Frogs gulping

Both drifting in the air

Birds sleeping

Naughty frogs

Chasing birds

Grandma sleeping

On sofa

Frogs crept

To watchTV

Cat is not happy

Police saw Lilly pads

Man telling what happened

Lots of police cars

Tuesday By Abdul

Frogs  are sleeping

Eyes widen frogs gulp

Both drifting

In the air

The birds are sleeping

mischievous frogs

chasing birds

sneaking into grandma’s house

watching TV

Tuesday By Josh

Frogs sleeping

Eyes widen

Gulped then flying

Birds resting

Menacing frogs

Scaring birds.

Frogs smashing washing

Hangs like cape

Turn into super.

Frogs sneak into the house

Watch TV.


By josh


Tuesday By Darntay

Frogs are sleeping

Eyes wide

Frogs gulping

Both drifting,

In air

Birds are resting

Mischievous frogs chase birds

Man stops eating staring out window,


Frogs, floating on lily pads



Frogs sneaking into Grandmas room,

Watching TV

Grandma sleeping