This week we have worked on time. Please continue to work on time at home.

What time do the clock say?


15 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hi sir it’s me Amana from 6dd
    The first one is 08:10
    The second one is 02:25
    The third one is 11:35
    The fourth one is 02:45
    The fifth one is 05:50
    The sixth one is 04:40
    The seventh one is 06:50
    The eight one is 11:20
    The ninth one is 11:00

      1. The fifth one was 5:55
        The ninth one was 11:55
        Are these correct sir and I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

  2. wow I really love time woohoo . Now I can tell my mum and dad the time . THANKS SIR SO MUCH for teaching us time I really need to learn about and the last THANKS

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