Amal holiday

My holiday was great. In the middle of the holiday  my brother came we had fun.  It all started with swimming. me and my friend called Candyline she my best friend sice school started we play and had swimming race it was so much fun you wouldn believe  it.After that me and my mom went eat and my cousen came and they went.Three days later me and my mom went to kniting classes some kids from my school was there now my mom sighed to go there ones a week .Thursday was so much fun because it was halloween my two friends named Dian and Manu stayed for a  sleepover  we went trick or treat and it was so much fun we even had some money.  :D.

Birds of Prey By Mohsin

On Saturday we went to the library to see a special session of birds of prey and it was really fun. We got to actually hold the birds and stroke them. Most of the birds were soft but the Canadian owl was a bit ticklish. It was the biggest owl I had ever seen. The best part was when it flapped its wings all the air hovered over my face. It was awesome! The hawks were the most vicious because when they kill, they rip their prey into bits. The little owl was the cutest although, it is still a bird of prey. This was the best activity I have done. It was very exciting and I learnt so much about the different kinds of birds of prey.



Barn  Owl

 Owl ears are located one higher than the other, which helps them to heart tiny sounds. When they fly, the left ear captures sounds below, while the right ear hears sounds from above.





Harris Hawk

Harris hawks hunt as a group, they have really good vision 8 times better than human vision.




Bengal Eagle owl

This owl lives in Asia it eats mice ,birds, reptiles and frogs. It can weigh up to 2kg.





Snow owl

Snow owls are found in North America, they eat mice and other little mammals





Female Harris Hawk

The female is 35% more bigger than the male. The Harris Hawk has a wing span of 1.1 metres.

They are mostly found in South America.



 Male Hawk

Hawks are strong, powerful birds. Their feet have sharp, curved talons for capturing prey, and their strong beaks are hooked for biting and tearing flesh.





Barn Owl

Barn Owls are the most common owls in this country.




Little Tawny Owl

Like all owls, the wings of a tawny owl are completely silent, when they fly you can’t hear them !





Kestrels have very good eyesight even in extremely poor light, allowing them to hunt almost until dark.




Canadian great horned owl

Females are heavier and bigger than males. They live in Canada.




owl video


My holiday by Sahil Awan

I went to a huge shopping centre and went to a fantastic McDonalds and  had lovely food.  Late at night I watched TV then I went bowling  with my dad then I went to  quest with my sister and went to a electric lighted slide and climbed on a long, big climbing frame. Then in the next morning I woke up got ready and had breakfast after that  I went  to the library and read lots of  books.  I love my dad and I celebrated my dads birthday and I love to play with my dad and tell jokes. I love it when my family are happy. I feel very sad when my family are sad.  At midday I had a water fight with my family. I am looking forward to going back to school.

The day I learnt to knit By Mohsin

On Tuesday I attended a knitting lesson. The tutor took ages to arrive because she was finding the needles. When she came she did not have enough of them, so we had to share.

This is how you knit, first you have to put the wool around the needle and make a loop make sure its tight. Next put your needle through the hole then you rap the wool around the needle, to create another loop. Then you have to  carefully put the other needle into the hole you have created and your knitting will go onto the other side of the needle. Repeat this process until you have created a large enough piece to use for what you are making.

 These are the things you can possibly knit: Tea cosy’s ,Toys, Scarves, Clothes ,Gloves, Hats and lots of other fun stuff. For elders knitting is very easy ,but for children it may appear a bit tricky. I really enjoyed knitting in the library.



Half term Holidays !!!!!!! By Mohsin

In the half term I went to see Gavin Young in the library. He told me some very good stories about warriors and witches.

 Then we went to a craft session, where I made this picture below. I used real sheep’s wool for the moon and the lavender for falling acorns off the tree. I put a ring showing that the water had dried up and red leaves had fallen into the water.. I accidently put sharpening’s onto the paper but then I thought I could use it for texture. I shaded using the side of a  crayon for the sunset reflecting onto the water. To make a gate for the field I used a straw and yellow piece of paper.


My holiday from afiya.

My week holidays started off by sleeping in and  attending the mosque . On Wednesday I was very excited because  I was  going to the cinema to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 it was great. It was more fun because I watched it in 3D. On Thursday I attended a birthday Halloween party,I wore my witch costume it was a wicked witch. We all had to do a cat walk and I was very shy. On Friday I had a party at the mosque which was to do with the celebration of Eid. I wore my best outfit and looked like a princess. We had loads of food and I had to read a verse from the Quran . My week was the  best holiday.


haider s holidays

On Wednesday I went to a wedding there was roast, brown rice and lots more. I saw a big wedding cake I didn’t  stay for long.  It did last for 4 hours but I stayed for 3 hours.

On Tuesday I went to see my uncle because he had just come back from Pakistan. Every time someone comes back from a different country lots of people go to see them. My uncle who lives in Pakistan sent me a construction toy. I liked my toy because you can make anything with it .He works there making buildings and roads.

We had lots of people coming over including my cousins.My cousins are all different ages and we played games inside and outside in the garden, even though the weather was a bit windy.My tomatoes which grew in the summer are now ripe enough   to eat. In the garden all the flowers and plants have died because winter is coming up. I enjoyed doing my electricity poster for topic homework.



bye bye 🙂