Adam In The End By Mohsin Khan

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Adam, he always liked exploring. He liked to exploring the highly dangerous jungles and the royal castles. He liked pouring lava down the castles, so he could conquer the castles.

A few days later he was roaming the castle when he saw a strange green thing! What could that be ? It had two purple eyes, which were rectangle shaped and two long legs, which were as straight as a ruler. He got frightened to death, so he sprinted back home and told his dad. His dad didn’t believe him. He saw it and he said “Its a Grassman zombie!” “Run !” , so they ran Adam got left behind.

The grass man zombie told him to jump into a strange green portal. Could it be his home ? The Grassman zombie said ” Ho Be Ta Mo Be La On Tim Ba”. Adam thought that it was his language, so he said, the same thing. Suddenly a diamond sword that was flammable appeared and went into his hand. He thought what could this be for. ” This place is so dark, that I think I am blind”. The Grassman zombie pulled a lever and it was the brightest place ever. There was peaceful music and flowers bloomed. “I don’t know why dad as scared ? ”

Suddenly a damp and dark place appeared. It looked like it was a giant termite or an ant. Grassman told Adam it as an ant, an Ender ant. It kept on biting its sharp claws on a rotten tree trunk. Adam was extremely terrified. Grassman told Adam that the Ender ant was his cousin. Now Grassman had become evil because he came through the dark side of the portal.

Adam was in big trouble because he had to skilled enemies to defeat. How was Adam suppose to do this ? Grassman zombie was fierce and strong. Ender Ant was quicker than lightning. Adam thought that there was no hope and there’s nobody to save him. He started whimpering and snivelling. He felt down in the dumps and very lonely, he knew that this was the last straw. There was no chance of surviving.

Just then like a flash of lightning he remembered that he had a flammable diamond sword. He kept on smacking it on Ender Ant. Then Grassman Zombie ran and jumped on Adam. Adam turned around and flung him into the air with all his strength, then stabbed him in the chest. One down one to go.

The Ender Ant tried to escape, but Adam stabbed him in the mouth, he was dead. Adam could see that the portal was closing, so he took Ender Ant’s power and ran through the portal.

The End

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my work, it took me one day to plan it and two days to write it. I am still trying to think about having a sequel. 🙂

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