What have we been doing in Dance so far? By Alaiah and Alesha

In dance we have just not long have performed at a dance festival. Now in dance we have been practising our routeen for the next performance. Before we dance, miss has made a zumber dance that will put us in a nice body shape. It is really fun dancing with miss siberly. The amazing thing is that we get to dance in our costume and it feels great. The worst thing is when we have to do the routine over and over again.


4 thoughts on “What have we been doing in Dance so far? By Alaiah and Alesha

  1. Hi Alaiah and Alesha,

    It sounds like your dance lessons are great fun. I can just imagine that a zumba routine would get you warmed up and ready to start your routine. Remember that practice makes perfect!

    Mr Milligan
    South Green

  2. I really like dance. I think that if I train harder I can become like my older brother and he is a pro at dancing. It is really fun. I have been doing this for 2yrs now. I like the warm up routine. I like doing the chris brown dancing part
    This post is Great by the way Alaiah and Alesha. Keep up the good work 😎

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