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Why does the prophet  (PBUH) matter to Muslims?

The prophet muhammad (PBUH) was important to the muslims because he was honest and he was  honest and one thing is that most of the Muslims call  the prophet (PBUH) was the sadiq and amin  sadiq  means  that he never cheated on eny ones property  and Amin means a person who never made a sin or never told a lie.I am a Muslim.  Muslims always believe in prophet muhammmed but only the good ones. I believe in phropet muhammmed (PBUH). He is a messenger  of ALLAH   ALMIGHTY. He was chosen by god.When he was chosen he was chosen as a honest person and a trusted person.Most of the Muslims read 5 prayers a day  and most of them pray for our phrophet (PBUH).

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  1. Hi Amana,

    What an interesting blog. We have just finished learning about Islam recently. We learned some of the stories from the Islamic faith, including how Muhammad (PBUH) left Mecca to set up the first mosque. The children found learning about Islam especially interesting as we don’t have any Muslim children in our class, so it was all new to us.

    Mr Milligan
    South Green

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