This week in Numeracy we have been doing the grid method the grid method method only works with times questions that you don’t know for example 54 times 32. First what you do is draw 2 lines down then 2 lines across then you you put the times sine at the top on the left hand side after there are spare boxes at the top and that is where you put your biggest number. When you put the biggest number on the top make sure you partition it for example in one column you put in 50 then on the next box you put 4.


Next you put the 30 on the next column on the first box then there is one more column. That is where you put the 2 on the first box like the 30. After you done that you times 30 times 50 and the answer is 1500 then you do 30 times 4 and that is 120 then after you do 2 times 50 and the answer is 100 then you do 2 times 4 and that is 8.


After you done all that you add your answers up so you add 1500,120,100 and 8 and the answer is 1728.

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