Pandora’s Box, by Shiren

Dear diary,

Today I have opened a box full of bad things.

It all started when a strange gift was sent to me and when I saw it, I asked Epimetheus, ” What do you think is inside?”

He said, ” Don’t open the chest!”

I tried  not to open it, but then I thought is was some beautiful jewellery or gold coins.  Then I heard a little voice and it sounded incredibly sad.  The little voice said, ”Help, let me out.”

I said, ” I can’t let you out.”

Another voice said, ”Please,  you know you want to, just take a look.”

So, I opened the chest then BANG!  I was knocked out.  Next, I saw all theses slimy creatures and  they quickly filled the room.  They  were all the bad and evil things in the world.  I shut the lid on the  box. I heard a little voice and it said, ”Don’t shut me in,  I am hope”. I opened the box and out fluttered a beautiful white butterfly.  The sun shone and the world was happy again.

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