4P's Goal Scorer of the week.

Well done to Abhiraj for describing his setting using metaphors, similes and adjectives. See if you can steal some ideas for your own writing.

It was an extra ordinary place. I could see vines as green as grass. I could hear water splashing as loud as a dinosaur howling. The sun made the orangy, yellow leaves glow brightly. I felt like my heart was going to stop beating right at that moment. I could hear a helicopter hovering above me like there was something wrong. I walked over the bridge. The bright, shiny, sparkly and silvery water steaming under the bridge .The crazy monkeys were swinging and screaming. The wind howled and whispered in the trees around my ears. The helicopter was unlike the ones back at home. The clouds were as white as whiteboards. The sea creatures were jumping around crazily. The birds tweeted as they flew by in the bright, shiny, sparkly sky unlike at home. I felt like I was going to faint because the place was so MAGNIFICENT! What was going to happen next… How will I get back home?


Also congratulations to Brandon and Shoaib for being goal scorers and using descriptive language too. Keep it up!

5 thoughts on “4P's Goal Scorer of the week.

  1. Wow! A fantastic piece of writing Abhiraj. I love the idea of the wind whistling around my ears. I must share this with my class in Dubai!

    Great writing keep it up!

    1. Hi Mrs Daniels!

      How are you? Thank you for writing on our blog. Do you have one that we could look at?

  2. Abhiraj I like what you said at the start saying dinosaurs howling and when you said the bright shiny sparkly and silvery water steaming.

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