The Mysterious Items

Year 4 were at Calthorpe Haven they went to find the frogs spawn and found unusual tems which had red ink on them. Also we found some grey shiny metal bars. However we are not sure that it’s metal.

Have you seen these things before?

Have you been to Calthorpe Haven recently?

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Items

  1. Year 4 we have a few questions.
    How did you find these?
    Where were they?
    Have you asked Miss THomas and Mr Neil because they look like PE equipment to me?

    Please let us know…

  2. well, year 4, all i can is, are you sure the bars of metal are metal and not gold. also, what are those shiny white crystal-like objects – DIAMONDS maybe !!!!!! an interesting find year 4. looks like you have really worked hard. well done xx.

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