Alice in Wonderland came to 4D

Can you name all the characters?

3 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland came to 4D

  1. Love your Alice in Wonderland photos! Looks like you had great fun on the walk. Zeba, looks like you were the only Tweedle Dee/Dum character, am I right?

    I will try and name the characters:
    Quee of Hearts
    Tweedle Dee/Dum
    Cheshire Cat
    Card Soldiers ?
    Mr Bunny?
    Not sure if the last two are right, let e know

  2. Hi, all Year 4 & 5 who are their way to Edgmond Hall. Thought I would try & be the first parent to blog!!

    Hope you had a fun & safe journey, looking forward to hearing about all your new experiences, so excited for you. Enjoy the fun in the sun !!!

  3. Well done Zeba’s Mum. If you go onto the Edgmond Hall Blog instead of clicking Year 4 you can learn all about our first day.

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