'Splash Dance!'

In Year 4 we have been learning to use dance to represent words from our topic Splash.  We had time to plan and try out ideas.

What do you think of our ideas so far?

7 thoughts on “'Splash Dance!'

  1. Wow year 4, great movement and expression, I shall show my class these to inspire their dance!
    Look forward to the finished dance using all your ideas. I especially liked the sounds of ‘pitter patter’,
    and the big movements for splassshhhh!

    Mrs Gane ( teacher at Milverton primary school, leamington)

  2. I absoloutly loved doing these dances . i wish we could do it again .Anyway what are we going to be doing in P.E. next week Mrs Daniels?

  3. Wow! Great dances. It was so fun making up our own dances with certain words. Hopefully we can try harder words and harder moves.

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