Monica's wonderful writing!

In phonics this week the children produced some fabulous writing about ‘The Box of Light’ story  and I wanted to share this fantastic writing on the blog by Miss Mortimer.

A box full of light by Mya and Monica.

A long time ago there was a land of animals it was always dark because they didn’t have a sun and they kept on bumping into things. Fox Kept on whining “I can’t find my lunch I need a good pal”. In the end he picked kestrel, the next day they were looking for the sun and they found lightning. The light guided them to a camp with five tents, men cooked spicy rice and the wives and children ate rabbit pie. Kestrel said “that smells nice this is the land of humans”. “Shall we hide until they go to sleep”? Come on kestrel lets take the box of light and go home. Kestrel had to take a rest fox was sitting next to the box he opened it and fox said to Kestrel fly up and get the sun “wow” said fox  it looked so pretty. We saved all the animals and that was the end of the box of light.

A box full of light by Rahul and Shawnna.

A long time ago in the land of animals it was always night because they didn’t have a sun because the humans kidnapped it. Fox kept bumping into things. Next kestrel said to fox “In the land of humans there is a bright light”. So they decided to follow it. The light guided them to a camp with five tents the humans were cooking spicy fried riceSuddenly …Fox untied  the box.

A big bolt of light came out of the box it was the shiny bright sun. The sun was shining on all the humans and animals and they could all see and not bump into things anymore. Fox set the light free and Kestrel had to fly to the sun to check it was there.

A box full of light -by Shiren and Chelsea.

In dark woods a clumsy Fox with his pal Kestrel lived. It is dark because they didn’t have a sun so they went to steal the human’s sun. Fox and the other animals were bumping into things they were upset.  The next day Fox and Kestrel went to steal the human’s sun. Kestrel glided and Fox was trotting. Two flashes of lightning flashed through the sky .It guided them to a camp then they took the box of light back home and fox sniffed the lid and untied the box. Then the lid shot off and a big bolt of light came shooting out right into the sky. It was so bright that Kestrel and Fox had to close their eyes. It was…the sun.

They had freed the light and now the animals lived in a world with a bright sun.

What do you think about their fantastic writing?


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