Domino Madness


Bilal is helping 4D to develop their persistence and has started a new craze…Dominoes!  In honour of Bilal have a look at this video.  Are you ready for a tricky morning challenge Year 4?

5 thoughts on “Domino Madness

  1. I’ve made up a Story!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    In a huge steet there lived a man that loved Dominos. But one day what happend is his Dominos didn’t work on one of the shows. However he was so very upset because he now didn’t win all the money they would have paid for him. He was rich but he was still really upset because somewhere not in England, in Ukrain there’s beautifull, ginormous, fabilous homes to live in. Those houses were as beautiful as a rainbowin the bright, clear sky. Furthermore the man never in his life, in whole Britan, in the entire world gave up! On the next day he came back where he has to show his show. All the workers were already tiding up before he even came. Now they all tried there very best to bild up the Domino show. after 3 years they were done also completely all the Dominos were tested. On the after his Domino show realesed! Everything was falling making a buzzing sound. “We made it” the men shouted. “We’ve now got the money!” With a happy exiting end bieng all rich.

  2. The Last part of my Story!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The man drove on a car to the airport in London. When he arived he quickly, rapidly got out of the car. He left the car so the other person had too drive off back home. After a day he was set on the airport on a soft, cosy bed. So now he arrived to Ukrain. He did know how to speak it was just that it was only a Holiday before so thats why he knows how to speak. All that time Ukrainian people were checking passports and others. Mabye: your Documents too. There were many names of Streets in Ukrain. I know some: Keiv, Chirnivtsy and the last one I know is Selo. The man went and drove in a Taxi were theres plenty of beautiful houses. He picked one and lived there all the rest of his life. Meanwhile he was walking on the road of rocks.He had a exellent Life for ever after.

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