Aztec Homework Project


Remember this are Disney videos but we thought you might like to watch these. Disney can adapt facts to make a better movie however some of the film is based on facts.


Can you find any facts that link to Simon’s talk?

22 thoughts on “Aztec Homework Project

  1. the first aztecs were farmers but when they arrived in centrel america all the good farm land was taken. to suvive they had to hire themselfes as warrious

  2. The first Aztecs were farmers, but when they arrived in Central America, all the good farmland was taken. To survive, they had to hire themselves out as warriors.

  3. the spanish came to the aztects in the year 1537 at first montazuma never knew if one of the men were a godd or just a normal man so he did not fight untill that man killed him because he found out that he killed other aztects.

  4. Moctezuma II, the Aztec leader, believed that Cortés was a god.
    Moctezuma sent Cortés gifts, including gold. Cortés wanted more gold, so he went to Moctezuma.

  5. I cant belive that Aztecs put dead people skulls on the skull rack and the gods made a game which you need to get it through a small hoop only by using your hips.

  6. If you look the empire in the eye you will get exucuted. We also think that if you lose the game you will also be exucuted will you ? 😉

  7. Watching Eldorado really gives you a good idea of how Aztecs lived. This is a great film bec ause it gives you a good imaginaton and sense of humer. I want to watch more of El Dorado because I would like to know what happens next. Our farourite part was when he played the banjo and brought the city together. Our favourite character is Chel because she is mischeiveous and entertaining.

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