Children in Need

Today was Children in Need.  Our challenge was to “Wear spots and raise lots’.  We definitely met the challenge and even the teachers joined in! Amazingly, Aniq raised £60.00 all on his own by shaving his hair!  We were all extremely proud of Aniq and he won 4D the Pudsey Bear.  Well done Aniq!

Have a look…do you think we met the challenge and were spotty enough?

8 thoughts on “Children in Need

  1. This fantastic event is the most spottiest day in school. We are all proud of our school and next year try to raise even more money and were even more spots. However we are proud of a very special person in our class who raised £60.00 and made us have the pudsey bear!!! Aniq!!! he has always raised £60.00 every year and we are proud to have him in our class because we always win the bear because of him!

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