Letters to Mark Jones

Dear Mark Jones,

We hope you are still reading our Blog and many thanks for your email. It was fantastic to receive an email from you and all of Year 4 have emailed you back. Mrs Hadley has your email address but we decided to post the letters for you to read.

We would love to here from you again.

Your sincerely

Year 4

16 thoughts on “Letters to Mark Jones

  1. Dear Mark Jones,
    I am writing to because I resaved your letter and wanted to write an email back to you. My name is Simran and when I resaved your letter I’d been wanting answer your questions.
    My school is really enjoyable to learn in and play in. Do you have a school website like us that I can look at? Yes I do have projects in addition they are mostly at school. I would really like to know do you have school trips? What are they like? What school do you go to? We have a website called mathletics and we get to do lots of different challenges like we can v.s each other or with people all around the world because other people have mathletics to. Also we have spellodrome witch is a program witch we have to spell words like onomaterpere. If you had a school website what would you put on there? What would you name it?
    My friend Amoy loves to gossip fun things to us and likes to skip with us. The teachers are so Amusing for example Mrs Daniels and Mrs Clark they are intelligent, lively and enjoyable. The lessons are really fun and edgecationle as well, most lessons that we have are numeracy, literacy and assembly. I would love to here from you and hope we could become pen pals very soon so I hope you resave my letter. So I have to go.

    Your sincerely Simran.

  2. Dear Mark Jones,

    My name is Jada I am a student at Bearwood primary school. I want to tell you how much fun our school is! My current teacher is Mrs Daniels, she doesn’t teach us in every lesson though.

    My favourite lesson is swimming recently I have moved up into the 2nd level up ! I also like Spanish which Mr Barton teaches us. so far I have learnt how to say hello, what’s your name ?, a how old are you ? Next time are going to learn how to count up to 30!

    In P.E we have been learning how to catch and we have been playing rounder’s ! Everyone has really enjoyed it ! sometimes it has been so rainy we had to do PE indoors .

    In our school we also have university the course I have just done is called International cooking . I have enjoyed making scones, banana muffins and many more scrumptious treats !
    Soon we are going to go to Edgmond hall and Cadburys world !

    I would be delighted if you replied to me

    Yours faithfully

  3. Dear Mark ,
    I am writing to you to reply to your email .
    My name is Anouska and I am a pupil at Bearwood Primary School and I like school because of science we are making electrical toys .
    We are going to go to Cadbury world . Have you been to any trips starting with your Knew class ?
    We go swimming to our local swimming centre called Smethwick swimming centre .
    Do you have a blog ?
    My friends are Danae and Sofina they are my best friends
    Yours sincerely Anouska

  4. Dear mark,
    Thank you for writing to year four. My name is Vanita am a student at Bearwood primary school i read your letter and I had to write back. My teachers name is Miss Pereira and the helper is Miss Hampson

    At Bearwood we do have projects are recent one is electricity, we are making toys mine is a board game. Do you have a blog? If you do please Wright back to 4p and give us the link.

    We get to do lots of activities such as forest school were we make shelters and boats made out of sticks to put in the new pond. We do this with Mr. Barton and Miss Tomas.
    Yours sincerely vanita

  5. Dear mark
    I am writing to you because you sent use a letter my name is chetan and my favourite subject is topic
    Because we are luring about electricity.

    Your Sincerely Chetan

  6. Dear Mark
    Thank you very much for admiring our blog and writing to 4p (Our school). Bearwood Primary School who are a really polite school and have a blog which shows you what we are doing in lessons. Do you have a blog my name is Meharpal Mann and I have to teachers to help me in school. My teacher is Miss Pereira and my lsp is called Miss Hampson. My best friends are Nathan,Dawud, Kofi and Sofina.In science we are making circuits to make our games/ toys they are going to look really good and maybe better.
    Yours Sincerely


  7. Dear Mark,
    Thank you very much for admiring our school blog in addition writing to 4p. My name is Nathan Alex Davis. I am a pupil at Bearwood Primary School. My class is called 4p because my teacher is called Miss Pereira and at our school we always name the class after their second name.

    Our project is making an electric toy. I am making a football game and it is going really well. My game is really good and it is quite trick.

    How big is your school?
    Who works at your school?
    When did you start at that school?
    You’re sincerely

  8. Dear Mark,
    I am writing to you to reply to your letter. I’m really happy that I’ve received your letter. My name is Tetiana and my teacher is Miss Pereira and Miss Hampson. I heard that you really liked our blog. Do you have a blog. Our blog has a lot of games and interesting pictures so that makes it fun.
    We do P.E and some of our teachers are Miss Thomas, Mr Barton and Mr Neill. We do a lot of fun stuff like making tents, playing 1, 2, 3 where are you, making something out of sticks and other fun things. I think you will enjoy doing all or that.
    Yours Fathfuly Tetiana


  9. Dear Mark Jones,
    I am writing to you because we have received your email. I am Jayden I am a student in bear wood primary school. My class is 4D my teacher is Mrs Daniels. Our lesson are enjoyable some are challenging like numeracy. For an example 500+365=865 what is your hardesed question? What’s your favorite lesson? We do topic do you? our current topic is switched on! we are learning about electricity its exiting we are making a game with electricity. I’m making a number quiz game. I would really want you to respond to my email.
    Yours faithfully Jayden

  10. Dear Mark Jones,
    I am Sian and I am a pupil at bearwood. I am writing to respond to your letter furthermore to tell you about the things we do in school. My teacher is called Mrs. Daniels and she is a very fun.
    We have lots of types of lessons, trips and ways of doing things here at bearwood. My favorite lesson is numeracy because we do lots of things that I like. For example symmetry which we are doing currently, multipcation, rounding, shapes and much more. I am also great at English because I improve on my hand writing quickly. You may not have herd of university but what happens is we get a sheet with courses on and label them 1, 2, 3. In about three days or so our deputy head teacher will have chosen who will do what. You do not always get your first choice but you will get one of tour options.
    I am now in year 4 so we are close to be having a trip to Cadburys world. In year 3 we had several trips like The Public, the Temple and Smethwick council house. In year 2 we had two very exciting trips to the Sea life centre furthermore The Black Country Museum.
    Does your school have a school blog? I would love to take a look. I will appreciate if you can respond.
    Yours faithfully,

  11. Dear Mark Jones,
    My name is Yasir Ahmed and I’m a pupil in bearwood primary school. My teachers name is Mrs. Daniels; she makes us do loads of exciting work furthermore we are learning how to make circuits, electric games, swimming therefore loads of things! My teachers’ favourite lesson is numeracy because she knows it up to her 12’s, not some in the middle unknown!
    We are learning to do symmetry and draw irregular shapes with a certain amount of symmetry or no lines of symmetry on ‘Challenge 4’ in addition challenge 3 was like 3 X 3 on an array but we drew the shapes that were on the sheet instead. Challenge 2 was counting and writing the shapes in the box, Challenge 1 was just cutting shapes and drawing the lines of symmetry. I did challenge 4 because all of it was easy and I couldn’t move higher than Challenge 4.
    I am Year 4 and I’m 8, I will be 9 in December the 22nd so you will know when I’m not 8 any longer. May you tell me how Blackburn school is like? What year are you in now? Have you got a website? May you comment to us about the learning? Please write back!
    Yasir Ahmed.

  12. Dear Mark,
    I am very happy that you came across our blog.
    Our school, which is a huge school has a blog. Does your school have a blog? What project are you currently doing? Thank you very much for admiring our blog my class 4P are so grateful that you wrote a email tour school about the blog.

    Do you have any trips coming up? We do we are going to Cadburys world because our next topic is about chocolate. Do you have any trips coming up? Where are you going to go if you have a trip? My teacher is called Miss Pereira and my other teacher is called Miss Hampson or Ms Clarke.
    My favorite lessons are topic because currently we are electrical toys I also like PE with our teacher Mr. Neill .Our topic is called switched on and we are going to add the electrical part to the toy. My friends are called Vanita, Zeba, Anouska and Navdeep what are your friends called? I hope you get to reply to this email.
    Yours sincerely

  13. Dear Mark

    Thank you for writing to 4p our class and I am a pupil at bearwood primary school and my name is Nabeel. my teachers names are miss Pereira and miss hampson and my favriote lesson is topic because we make toys and they are electric. We will be going to Cadburys world and make our own chocolate and take it home to eat but we will be going after half term on November the 9th .

    Have you been on our blog and do you have a blog?

    Your sincerely


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