Mya's Summer holidays so far…

Me and my family have been really lucky because my older sister who is married and lives about one hour away has come down to stay with us for the week. At the moment she has gone down to keep in touch with her friends so I thought while I’m not busy spending time with her, I might as well write a post telling you all about what I have been up to so far in the summer…
Deciding I need a bit of a break my sister has treated me to movies at the cinemas, bowling, restaurants and many more captivating journeys.
On the first evening when my sister came, although we’re all trying to keep healthy and fit we went out for an appetising, delectable meal at Wing-Wah!
One day later, after waking up at almost mid-day, we all went out to the cinemas to watch Kung-Fu Panda 2. You’d never think it but that is a very enthralling film it really hooks you in, if you get some free time you should watch it.
The next day we went to merry-hill to do some shopping, I have to admit, I soak out my parent’s wallet when it comes to shopping! Also that day I didn’t just spend their money on shopping, I spent it on a heavenly, luscious pizza hut too!
Yesterday we went bowling, I never lost the game that time but I am not fantastic at it only because I’m quite weak and the balls nearly pulled my arms off!
Later in the evening we was in the mood for some American food so we head out for T.G.I Fridays even though it wasn’t a Friday!
I do hope my phenomenal holidays continue because I sure am loving them so far!

7 thoughts on “Mya's Summer holidays so far…

  1. Mya- it sounds like you have had a jam-packed holiday already! Your sister is lovely to treat you to a day out like that. I love treating my younger sisters too. I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda 2 yet so I will have to see it after reading your recommendation. Enjoy your summer! I will post a blog post after my wedding. At the moment I am just rushing around trying to get everything organised! Miss Martindale.

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