Rayan Avatar story

Imagine a world where sizzling volcanoes keep exploding all the time, where blood thirsty monstrous monsters are friendly sometimes, where all the plants are bigger then massive buildings, where fly’s are vast as dragons and their teeth are sharp as daggers: Well this is a story about that…
“Hey Ezio can you help me with finding the secret JBC Lab”, said Altair seriously. “Ok” said Ezio, but you need to be really careful because there are lots of dangerous creatures in there.
“Don’t you worry I’m not a child I’m an important researcher on a dangerous, security mission!”
When Altair walked into the lab his heart was beating as fast as a cheetah, as he saw the creatures that were swimming inside glass tanks, his legs were shaking like jelly. The creatures were about 11 foot tall and 6 foot wide, their faces look frightening, their bodies looked like crocodiles . When Altair went out , footsteps were approaching. People were screaming. As Altair turned round he got out his blades and protected his self from the monster that was approaching. He could not believe his self that monster was the Bat head. Altair went into the lab to get all the soldiers, even though he
Knew that it wouldn’t help he had no choice. When the soldiers went out they started shooting the villainous monster with their shooting lasers it seemed like the monster didn’t get hurt so they went and got the M45200 that gun was the best and the most dangerous in the hole universe. When they charged the gun they started shooting the monster. When the monster died nearly all of the soldiers were dead but somehow it was good because the monster was gone forever.
Before Altair went back to the JBC lab he took the GBC rock from the monster. After Altair gave the rock to the chief and the chief gave him “5000 Billion pounds reward” for bringing back the rock. Because Altair brought the rock back, the soldiers went and put the back into it place so the people on Earth will rest in peace…

28 thoughts on “Rayan Avatar story

    1. Wow rayan this was a great,fabulous,brilliant,good story well done i enjoyed reading it it looks like you have tried really hard on this well done i loved your super wow words they helped your story more interesting i was just fabulous 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      well done!!!!!!!!

  1. I really enjoy reaing your imangine intro it is amazing thats what a yr 6 person would write becuase that is how amazing it is!!!!!!!!

  2. That is a very lovely story and i think it is very good. I think you have tryed really hard and you where trying yor best. Star: I love your wow words. Wish: Check your work makes sence because i am not sure that the ending makes sence it is the last sentence. Any way it is great.

  3. I really love the begining of your story i think it is fab and intresting. I think you have worked really hard on this story.

  4. This is a very lovely story can you tell me some of the words you have used please i would really want to know them.

    1. i agree usman he better keep this up it was amazing i loved the way he described the monsters to usman! 🙂

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