Electricity. By Cameron and Udeshpal with guest writers

Today in science we have been independent learners and have been looking up about electricity. There were 4 activities. One of the activities was to look on the internet about safety with electricity. Then we had to make notes of the important things about electricity on a piece of paper. But we could decide how to present our work. Some people have chosen to make a poster, powerpoint or a radio show about safety.

The next activity is to look on the internet to research who found electricity and how it has been used since then. They also are going to choose how to share their work.
Some of the children were using something called flowol 3. We were controlling a picture by making it move like making a light houses lights go on and off. Their was different pictures and we also made a sequence with it. First we found it difficult but after we got the hang of it we found it very easy to do even though it was the first time we did it. It was really fun making the sequences and being controllers. (By Bismah)

One of the groups were making the circuits and checking if the circuits worked. There was a sheet that you had to decide if the different circuits would work or not. And you even had to make the circuits to check. After that Miss said we could play and try out circuits of our own that we wanted. We tried out making loads of different circuits to see if they worked. We found out loads like if you add 2 bulbs they get more dim than if there is only 1. Some of the boys made a really massive circuit! (By Max and Josh)

Yesterday we had lots of fun too. Steve the technician helped us with how to light a clowns eyes, nose and how to spin his tie around. There was another activity about a Lego dinosaur and you could control it on the computer. The other activity was with the bee boxes and the cars. You had to make them go around the map rug.

This post will need to be finished after the weekend because we ran out of time! TBC….

27 thoughts on “Electricity. By Cameron and Udeshpal with guest writers

    1. I agree Hammaad I really enjoyed playing with the lego croc that was one of my faverioute!!!!!

  1. Beucase you could get an eletric shock which wouldn`t be very nice you would have to go down to the hostipal and that wouldn`t be very nice 🙁

  2. I enjoy learning about ELECTRICTY it is really fabtastic but sometimes ELECTRICTY can sometimes be really dangerous so you need to know the rules about electricty other wise you will go down to hosipital.

  3. I think there should make electricity more safe in case somebody gets shocked and I don’t think that is really nice.

    1. How do we make sure we are safe around electricity? What is around the wire to protect us? Do you know any safety rules for using electrical items?
      Miss Martindale

      1. Around the wire is a plastic case so you don`t get so you don`t get an eletric shock and I know a saftey tip
        – Don`t put water near the wire
        -never come out of your paddling pool (or something that makes you wet) and touch wire other wise you will get an eletric shock
        -and if you have and adapter that is full be very carefull or take them out becuase you could get and eletric shock
        This we all hurt you.

  4. but usaman it is safe all redy in the class because it is battary power so it is not so dangerouse

      1. I am very excited about making are eletric toys it will be fun the group that was imaginaing toys with eletricty in them I have some ideas of my own but there not as good as yours
        -a doll house that lights up
        -a teddy that sings
        -horrid henry that its bow spins and it eyes light up
        -a toy fish that lights so when you want to read a bed a bed time you could light up that fish and it will be very better to see in the terrfing dark
        -a diamond that lights a bit like when you stick something shiny under a lamp shade or something elese it will glow and look really pretty at night!!!!

    1. i agree it’s going to be fun! i can’t wait until that day comes
      can you wait until that day comes ? 😛

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