I have borrowed this from the Year 3 blog because I thought it was interesting. Miss Martindale.

If I read a comic in a shop without paying for it is that stealing?


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  1. I actually think it would be stealing, it’s the same when your try a grape in the shop. What do you think?

    1. Actually If you tried a grape in the shops, it wouldn’t be the same as reading a comic in the shops because you can sell the comic again.

  2. As I explained on Yr 3 blog, I find it quite uncomfortable thinking about it because I do it all the time but have only just thought about it being stealing!

  3. What if it was a piece of art work instead of a book? Imagine I loved a piece of art and went to look at it everyday but never actually bought it. Would that be stealing? Miss Martindale

    1. My opinion for the art that you went to look at everyday isn’t stealing because it could be in a gallery where you don’t have to pay to go and look at the art.

  4. Then proably it wouldn`t be stealing thats a really hard question becuase you are only looking at it I don`t get it?????

  5. I think it’s not stealing because your not taking from the shop (owner) and keeping it to yourself only just reading the story and knowing about it. It might be stealing if they read the story and writing it out and pretending they thought up of the story on their own without telling others who the real writer of the story is.

    1. A very interesting reply Shawon. I can see why you say you are not stealing directly from the shop keeper. But are you stealing from anybody else? You also talk about stealing the story and claiming it is your own. I have told you the ‘big’ word for this. Can anybody remember what it is? Miss Martindale

      1. I’m not sure what that word is miss Martindale I can’t think of what it would be, does anybody else think might know the word.

        1. I will give you a clue. It begins with ‘P’. I have used it when i have told the class that you should write research in your own words and not ‘steal’ other people’s words. Miss Martindale.

    2. I agree with Shawon becuase you cant steal someones elese piece of work that they worked on for at least 2 hours and then you are taking there piece of work and its not fair on the real person who wrote the comic.

    1. I disagree because you are only reading it your not taking the comic home without paying for it.

    2. i dont agree becuse maybe you like it so much that you cant get fed up with it so you come every day just to read it

  6. Is it presitpion that was just a guess I can think of it but just can`t remeber it! Mmmmmm intreasting?

    1. But Paige what if you really enjoyed the book and you wanted to buy it would that be stealing.

      1. Then you would take it becuase if you really enjoyed it then you would proably take it home.

      2. yes i had a book froom the libary and i’ve toke than out about 3 times and now i am reading it agin so that is the 5th time
        reply pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  7. Hi there,

    This is Paige’s mom, I would say that it would be an act of stealing, as you notice in some shops it states “buy before you read” and also the owner of the shop would be out of pocket if everyone was to read comics before they were brought!

    I hope i’m right, otherwise dentenion for me 🙂

  8. Well it depends because if your just having a quick look it is ok. Probably you will buy it before you will read the comic all.

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