The E Girls. By Bismah

“Mum, please can I have the new E phone. My old one doesn’t work any-more. It’s broken!” whinged Rebecca as she rushed into the kitchen nearly knocking all of the heavy groceries out of Mum’s hands.
“For goodness sake! How many times have I told you? You can’t have the E phone! Now, that’s the end of it. Go and get the rest of the groceries out of my car.’’ Rebecca trudged along the hallway and stomped outside muttering under her breath. “ Well, if she won’t let me have one I will have to get it myself… Somehow. Anyhow.”

The next day was school so Rebecca woke up, got dressed in her pale blue uniform still feeling angered, annoyed, frustrated. Rebecca sluggishly walked downstairs to eat her delectable, scrumptious breakfast but it still didn’t cheer her up. After she had finished eating her breakfast her dad dropped her off at school. “Hi Rebecca. Spoke her friend Lucy. Guess what? Yesterday I was being impeccable so my mum got me… the E phone!!!” Exclaimed Lucy jumping up and down like a bouncing ball.
“Oh, well good for you. I can’t have one because my mum said that it’s to expensive even though my last one is broken.” said Rebecca sadly. Rebecca knew what this meant. She had lost her friend because she was now part of the E girls gang. Lucy rushed very briskly to the E girls club not even saying goodbye to Rebecca.
Chapter 2.
The next day was even worse for Rebecca. Yesterday only one of her friends had joined the mean E girls, but now all of her friends had joined. Often she would hang out with them but because now they had joined the E girls she would have no one to hang out with. “I need to get one!”Muttered Rebecca. Because Rebecca had lost her friends, she started to talk to a girl named Kally. Kally, who was a polite and intelligent girl, waved at Rebecca as she started walking to her. “Hi.” Kally said to Rebecca with a cheerful smile.
“Hi.” Replied Rebecca miserably. “Ooh it’s very chilly today. I’m just going to fetch my coat. I’ll be back in a minute.”Spoke Rebecca shivering and stuttering. Rebecca walked inside. Just as she was about to pick up her coat she saw something shining on the floor under the coats. She crouched down, picked it up and noticed that it was…. an E phone! Silence. Quiet. Serene. Inside she knew it was a bad thing to take but outside she was tempted. She looked around and wondered if it was the right thing to do. She finally made her decision. She quickly shoved it in her bag. When she walked outside it felt like everybody knew what she did. “What’s the matter?” Asked Kally politely.
“Oh. Nothing. I’ve just got a bad stomach. That’s all.”

Chapter 3
On Wednesday when Rebecca was at school she was still worried that someone might of saw her. She sat down in class on the table. “Where’s my E PHONE?!
Shouted Lora to the Mrs. Daniels head teacher. I had it yesterday but now it’s gone! It’s vanished!”
“Don’t worry. Whoever took it they will have an explanation. We will find out, don’t worry” Replied Mrs. Daniels. A patch of guiltiness came onto Rebecca and her face turned all red but she tried not to make it obvious. She wanted to turn back what she had done.
The time went past and Rebecca was feeling a bit more better than before.
At home time Rebecca went to Lora and asked “So has the person owned up why they took it? Have you found out whose took it then?” Asked Rebecca.
“What ? Oh yeah it turned out that someone put it in my bag after all.”
Finally relief. I wasn’t a thief after all……

10 thoughts on “The E Girls. By Bismah

  1. This is just great Bismah! You have done an amazing piece of extended writing here. You have planned this out well and used some really creative vocabulary. Well done – I hope you are pleased with your efforts – you should be!

      1. Bismah your story is great!!!!
        I like your vocabluary you put a lot of hard effort in to create the story. I really enjoyed reading it!!!!

  2. Yes I agree everybody bismahs story is certaintly amazing and she has put a lot of thought and effort into her writing.

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