Mass by Hammaad and Joshua

This week  we have been mearsureing mass. We have been measureing pasta and rice to learn how to use the scales. It has been boosting our learning and it is really fun with kg and g.All the children loved doing it because it was fun to learn about measuring. We also have been learning how to change grams into kilograms. We played a pairs card game to show we knew today and it was fun!

Now we are experts we are going to help Miss Martindale weigh her baby tortiose so she can see if she is growing well.

Another intriguing letter arrives By Harjun & sana

This morning, just when we got into the classroom we found another ‘read me ‘letter hidden on a chair at the back of the class. The letter  thanked us for sending letter to Edward’sMum to let her know he was safe. Edward said he might need  our help again. He also asked us if we know what it is like to be evauated. We decided we should help Edward if we can and continue researching about evacuation. The letter was really captavating. We are thinking about where he could be now and how he got here? Everybody was buzzing with excitement and questions again.

What do you think is going on?

A very peculiar but exciting letter arrives in Year 4. By Shawon and Chloe

We have had the most exciting lesson ever today! Today in Year 4 we have been doing a lesson of King Arthur because we are learning about stories set in different times in history. Miss Martindale had given us the story of King Arthur to read and had stopped the class to ask some questions. Then suddenly a message came on the smartboard by itself and Miss Martindale kept on telling us to be quiet because we were pointing at the board then suddenly Miss saw the message on the board herself. A hand written message was misteriously appearing on the board. The message was confusing and didn’t make much sense at all it said that somebody was lost and asked us if it was still 1944. It also asked us if we had found the teddy and the gas mask. But we didn’t know what they were talking about! Next Miss Martindale had to sit down on the carpet because she was so overwhelmed by the whole thing. She went a bit pale and so did some other children in the class. Miss kept asking everyone if they knew any information and were they playing a trick on her but no-one knew anything then it got even more full of suspense when Sana found a letter and a gas mask on the table. Cameron thought to send a letter back so we decided to change our lesson and all write a letter back. We are going to leave them out in the classroom and we are all hoping we will get another reply.

We think the messages must be sent by a child because some of the spellings weren’t spelt correctly.

We will keep telling you what happens on the blog. If you know anything please tell us what you know.

Some people were a bit scared but it was definitely a thrilling morning!