ing+ly, openers

Try writing ‘ing ly,’ openers here.,%20ly%20openers


Scrabbling frantically, Josh finished his exam answer just as time ran out.

Sweating profusely, Tim tried to crack the code on the rocket launch desk.

Skipping merrily, Maveish entered the fairground.

Grinning widely, Jake accepted his football trophy after receiving ‘Man of the match’.

Whispering quietly, Amy asked the Libarian for her favourite book.

Laughing hysterically, Sana watched as her sister did a silly dance.

Feel free to use my openers and change the end of the sentence, or see if you can think of your own.

Today 4M came up with a whole list of possible ing+ly openers.

Here are our ideas for startersΒ to help you.

Listening intently,

Giggling merrily,

Dancing gracefully,

Reading quietly,

Creeping suspiciously,

Tip-toeing slowly,

Skipping joyfully,

Kicking madly,

Boxing fiercely,

Fighting viciously,

Smiling innocently,

Singing melodically,

Laughing hysterically,

Crying softly,

Screaming noisily,

Chatting nervously,

Balancing carefully,

Flying magically,

Waiting patiently,

Jumping triumphantly


40 thoughts on “ing+ly, openers

  1. Hello we are 3MW we are from chorlton park primary school. We are very grateful to go on your blog. We will be joining your quadblog, and we are all feeling good, excited and think we will be challenged. We will try our best!
    We like your sentence work, here are some we came up with. We would like it if you see any mistakes that we have made, could you point them out for us.

    Tip-toing Quietly, through the jungle, Arthur looked for a fish.
    Eating frantically, James ate 12 biscuits in a minute!
    Swinging quickly through the jungle, Sam looked for a piranha .
    Crying quietly in the morning, Rebecca tried to find her lost teddy.
    Suddenly something shot out of the bush.
    Pretending terribly, Imran sounded like a roaring lion.
    Weeping quietly in the evening, Imran ate a cake.

    Hope that you will visit our blog sometime. πŸ™‚

    From all in 3MW

  2. What a fantastic idea! I am the Yr 6 teacher at Ferry Lane Primary School. I am certainly going to try this out with my children tomorrow! Thanks for the brilliant idea! Come and check out the Yr 5 and 6 blogs at Ferry Lane!

  3. This sticky note board gives us loads of ideas and can help with are learning i wonder if i could use one in my writing!

  4. hello year 4 Igo to chorlton park primary school I really like your blog it is great we are learning about Romans in year 3.

    I have got a sentance for you
    quickley, lily ate 32 cakes in one minnite!!!

    by kate

  5. My name is Leo . Wow there was load’s of the openings. It looked like you worked really hard but I especially like giggling and merrily.

  6. Hi I am Emily from Chorlton park primary school and I like your blog a lot it is very
    Nice I am part of the quad blog too. I hope you comment on are blog here is a sentences.

    Laughing weirdly Amy laughed at a clown!

    Singing strangely Sam sung a Christmas song!

    Righting franticly Kate rote a story!
    By Emily
    By Emily

  7. Hello Bearwood Primary School Im Palvasha From Chorlton Park Primary School.
    That post is FAB !
    Iv’e got some words for you…
    Quietly / Loudly
    Slowly / Quickly
    Yawning in the reflecting sun light quietly in the morning

  8. These are some realy good openings.I like the one were it say’s chatting nervously.I am probably going to use some of them in my writing.

  9. Hello Bearwood Primary School i’m Palvasha from Chorlton Park Primary School. Wow i have to say this post is brilliant. Now i have got some words for you.

    Quietly in the morning, Ella went to get some squashy oranges and lemon.
    Slowly, Elly had seen nasty fiesies EVERYWHERE !!!

    Many thanks putting games on for everyone toenjoy and learn. From Palvasha.

  10. Hello Bearwood Primary School Im Palvasha from Chorlton Park Primary School
    ( apart of you quad blog )
    Well I have to say that all of Chorlton Park Primary School said Thank You for going on our blog to. Well these words are brilliant !
    I have got sentences for you
    Quietly through the smelly jungle in the morning, Aleena had a juicy orange.
    Slowly in the morning, Fatima had a cheesy cake.

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