Max and dalip plus shannon habitat


[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.985525&w=425&h=350&fv=sessid%3Dnull%26pvt%3D0%26doc%3Dmaxanddalipplusshannonhabitat-110127140605-phpapp02%26version_no%3D1296159097%26presentationId%3D6723379%26totalSlides%3D6%26startSlide%3D1%26inContest%3D0%26preview%3Dno%26fullscreen_bg_color%3DWhite%26stitle%3Dmax-and-dalip-plus-shannon-habitat%26userName%3DJenniferMartindale%26has_form%3Dnull%26form_after_slide_number%3Dnull%26form_is_blocking%3Dfalse%26hostedIn%3Dslideshare%26page%3Dslideview%26useHttp%3D1%26rel%3D1%26autoplay%3D0%26isAudio%3D0]

25 thoughts on “Max and dalip plus shannon habitat

  1. These look all so fascinating and great everyone worked so hard on them. Miss Martindale have you not managed to put our documentrys up or are you still trying to?

  2. This was such a great way to receive the information. It made it more interesting & I think I shall remember it because I will think of the pictures. BTW I love the last picture! 😉

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation on lions! Did you know I went on safari to Kenya a few years ago? You are quite right – lions are VERY difficult to spot. It’s really hard to see them in the yellow grassland that is their habitat. We did get close enough for me to get a good shot of a lioness though. I’ll show you when we next meet up.

  4. Good pics work on the Lions it is funny at the end when it “says” The End Lions fight.

    My name is Yasin From 3MW
    This week we have been leaning about Romans In Britian ans doing facts and stuff like that.

  5. I like your pictures about the lions I especially like the last picture the last picture is really funny keep up the funny work.

    By Raaida

  6. here are some facts about scaled reptiles

    Scaled reptiles are the lizards, snakes and slowworms that make up the order known as the Squamata. They all have scaly skins, and all male squamates have two penises.
    The reptiles are a class of vertebrates. Charateristically they are cold-blooded, have dry scaly or horny skin and a four-chambered heart. Most reptiles lay eggs with leathery shells, but a few types bear live young. Because they are cold-blooded, reptiles are more common in the tropics than in temperate regions and are not found in polar areas.

  7. I love the way how you put the video of the lion. Theirs lot’s pictures of animals on your blog.I think your learning what some animals eat and where they live.I think your blog is gonna be fild with lots of comments and video posts.Great work.

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