All about a camel in a desert!

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9 thoughts on “All about a camel in a desert!

  1. Hello my name is Sam w I love your blog especially the camel part it was cool I also liked the habit bit.

    • I like to play video games hockey
    • My favourite food is noodles
    • You rock
    Sam w

  2. Hello my name is Zain I’m going to tell you something about me

    • 1 I’ve learnt lots of things like the roman’s made roads out of small stones, large stones and gravel and flint

    • 2 my favourite sport is football football matches

  3. Thankyou Zain and Sam W for writing on our blog.Im Bismah in 4m and i was one of the children who made that powerpoint about camels in the desert! 😀

  4. hello my name is robbie i havent seen much of your blog yet but your work is
    fantactic i really liked the camel in the desert and all of your other work

    good luck!

    from Robbie

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