3D Snowflakes By Harjun & Shannon

Today Miss Martindale showed us a clip about making a 3D snowflake.At first we thought it would be hard but it was quite easy once we got the hang of it. You need a pair of scissors, selotape, plain paper, stapelor and you especially need patience! You need six pieces of square white pveraper too.
We were so pleased with our 3D snowflakes and it was VERY FUN!!

Learn how we did it here:


22 thoughts on “3D Snowflakes By Harjun & Shannon

  1. first it looked hard but it was really easy at the end the snowflakes looked beautiful the clip helped us to make the snow flakes for the winter poem display 🙂

  2. I agree Mya i loved making the snowflakes too,but if Miss Martindale wasn’t with us we couldn’t of made them so i thank her.I found it really fun when me and Mya were being teachers showing the children how to make magnificent snowflakes! Speaking of snowflakes it snowed alot today. HAPPY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  3. Thats a positive way to put it paige, I like that little ryhme: Once you do it you know it! I had a fantastic time making them and now that I have made 8 at home I am decoriting my house with them. Also Bismah your right we couldnt of done it without miss Martindale so thank you.

  4. i really enjoyed making the snowflakes they looked fantastic on the display they look like real ones. i think they all look beautiful. :)-

  5. I am Max’s Grandma. What amazing snowflakes! Will you show me how to make them when we next get together Max?

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