Winter Poetry

This week we have been reading and writing winter poetry. We started out by reading a selection of different poems and discussing and analysing the language features. In particular we have been looking for examples of similes, metaphors and personification. Children have chosen their favourite poems. You can hear a selection of children reading their favourite poems below.
We are currently in the middle of writing our own winter imagery poems. Look out for them soon!

Thank you to Mya for filming these clips/

12 thoughts on “Winter Poetry

  1. when we did the poems there was alot of personifacatoin , similes and metaphors it was really fun doing the poems i found some simles in a poem book i was reading.
    here are the examples
    . the snow was falling lightly like a soft , delecate feather
    . the forest was as white as a glass of warm milk
    . the snow is as white as a beautiful swan gliding by
    . the snowman was as cold as a freezing fridge. : ~)

    i found it fun finding the similes.

  2. I found it really fun performing the poems infront of the children and then recording them.I think the best poem is Harjuns and Shannons because i loke the way that when one of them are saying the poem the other one is doing the actions. Do you agree? Yes it has been snowing alot today Dalip!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  3. i really enjoyed watching other poems!
    i really liked the actoins and clear voices! i realy enjoyed poems and simlies and metaphors.
    i liked finding similes and tryin to see what they were.
    do you agree with me. 😉

  4. the poems were amazing i loved shannons and harjuns they had fantastic actoins. i also liked paiges and udeshpals. it was fantastic. i even liked hammads and bismahs they had good actoins. i enjoyed them all.;):)

  5. Well done to you all I think shannons and harjuns, hammaads and bismahs poems were great because of your fabulous actions that went really well with the poem!

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