Remind yourself of the written methods for division.

Next week you will be learning about division. Watch these videos to help you.
The method that you learned in Year 3 is division on a number line. In year 4 we will also teach you chunking.


Sometimes there may be a remainder:


A man below shows you how to do chunking. Instead of taking away one group at a time, you take away ‘chunks’ to save time with larger numbers.
A good tip is to see if you can take 10 groups away.
If not can you take 5 groups?
If not can you take 2 groups?
Finally take away a single group.

8 thoughts on “Remind yourself of the written methods for division.

    1. hello im zara fom bearwood school. In bearwood its snowing a lot over here were going to be learning about divisoin in numrecy also we have learned about fractoins last week and we’ve learnt a lot in numrecy!!!

  1. Hello my name is mya and aswell zara I am learning a lot in numeracy. Its amazing how your doing divison too. I cant belive that its your summer holidays in two weeks for us its almost our christmas holidays!

  2. hi my name is rayan from bearwood school mya and zara and i we are in the same class room i like do divison too and i like numeracy that’s mean i like all the methods so when you say it’s a summer holiday in Australia is realy cold in england but don’t think i’m from england i come from moroco it’s the summer holiday in moroco too i knew talk arabic and frensh and english and is a good lurning there but there is some problems people don’t respect me they don’t respect any one there. But i love bearwood school it’s realy good and all the people respect the other people

  3. Hi my name is Bismah and i go to bearwood too.I have learnt alot in numeracy aswell Mya and Zara.I hope you like our Blog Middle matters!!! 😉 😉 😉 :-):-):-)

  4. at the beggning of the week i was feeling a little confused on the chunking method but now i have practised and i can do it now it is easy

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