Can't wait for next half term?

Thank you all for working so incredibly hard this half term. I think we have all enjoyed ourselves immensely and learned a great deal too!

When we come back to school after our break we will be starting a new topic in literacy on stories from other cultures.

Do you know any stories from a different culture? I would love to hear them here. Many of you have parents or grand-parents who grew up in a different culture. This is a wonderful chance to share stories from the diverse cultures that we have in school. Please ask your family members if they have a story that you could share with the class.

We will also be starting a topic on the World Cup. What would you like to learn in this topic? Which countries would you like to explore? Do you have some creative ideas for the direction that the topic could take? Here is your chance to share some ideas.

6 thoughts on “Can't wait for next half term?

  1. I can’t wait till next term.I already wrote a book reviw for Literacy.Luckly we have Miss Hampson back now.Thankyou to all the teachers who have made really fun lessons for us.Sometimes I think I don’t want to leave y4.

  2. Have a great half term but I am a bit sad because we only have on more term in y4.I just want to stay.But we also have somthing exciting aswell.Our class is having a new boy he is called Anthony he is Spanish.

  3. Dear pupils

    Do you like our new topic based on the world cup that is being held in south africa? This is a little information about the world cup… There are 32 teams compeating in the world cup. The teams are not every team in the world but are just the countries that qualified.

  4. Sadly the half term is over now but I love the new topics we are doing.The world cup,storys from other cultures,negative and posative numbers and Ratio.I think were learning ratio tomorrow.I wonder what it is.Well I guss I have to wait and see.

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