Year 4 meet Cat Weatherill

This afternoon Year 4 had the fantastic opportunity to meet Cat Weatherill, a published author.
Cat was an amazing speaker. She was funny and charasmatic so all children (and teachers!) enjoyed listening to her.
She shared a story with us that was about a boy from Africa. Also, she allowed us to ask any questions that we may have. A brilliant time was had by all.
Joshua asked what you need to do to become an author. One of Cat’s top tips is that you need to read lots and have a love of words. Remember this top tip as I think it is brilliant advice!

19 thoughts on “Year 4 meet Cat Weatherill

  1. Today we saw Cat Weatherill and it was a brilliant experience to meet a real life author! I felt inspired to do better in my writing after meeting Cat.

  2. cat is a very nice person.she under stands your probles.I think every person like her? I like her because…because she is a nices you think she is a nice person?

  3. I really enjoyed going to see Cat Weatherill i hope we will get to see her again because she was a funny story teller and i did like the story she told us but i dident like the part were the snake bit the teacher. We even got to ask her questions like how did you become an author she write jacko the leek when her husband was in hospital. One of the books were called snowbone and wild magic.

  4. I really enjoyed meeting Cat Weatherill.I hpe to see her again as she is a funny storyteller.Already Ayesha has told you about Jaco the Leek I have a bit more to add to that.Cat Weatherill did not like the front cover of the book.Cat did not get a say as to its cover and the cover chosen wasn’t very appealing(Cat Weatherill agreed to that).It is a humorous book but the cover was not interesting.She had wriiten it in the Canteen of Birmingham hostipal.I loved the afternoon.It was real treat.I loved it a lot today escipally meeting the autor and storyteller.I wish I could buy all her books

  5. I realy in enjoyed meeting Cat Weahteril. She is a spectacuoar story teller. After seeing the book cover i realy want to read wild magic but not Jacko the lean since the bookcover doen’t appeal to me.

  6. Cat is a amusing person.She is very funny and I love listning to her storys.i have read some of them.Her first book she wrote was barkbelly.She said it took about 3 years to write.

  7. Cat also said she wrote Jacko the Leak.She said it was a very funny book but she didn’t like the front cover.I din’t like the front cover either.

  8. Going to the thimbermill library was out-standing!We met cat wilthteril.Shes a book writer plus a story teller too.she told us a story about two freinds that wanted to be rich and one survived and the other turned to dust.She also told us about her first book(Barkbelly).Riya was right that book lasted 3 years she said she had nothing to do in the summer holidays(cat was not a book writer then)so she wrote a book barkbelly then she found out someone wanted to publish it.Shes got different books too e.g wild magic,jaco the leek and this book for little kids with a lighting lamp!Sorrowfully she said she wished she wrote books before because then she thought she wouldnt be good.

  9. I rally enjoyed it aswell.I wish I could buy one of her books.But I didn’t bring any money.I wish we mite seee her again next year or so.Shes fantastic!!!!
    I mite be as good as her one day.We have written lot’s of stories at school so maybe I can be as good as her.I just love writing and reading!!

  10. I loved listning to Cats storys.There brillent.Theres lo’s of thing I want to do when I grow up.Now I want to be a writer.The things that people do fasanates me and they make me want to do that job.

  11. Yesterday we became Storytellers like Cat.We retold the story of the Mermaid.I think they were all amazing.I think Cat has some compation in the future.Usss!

  12. Hello everyone! I’ve just found this, via Google! Sooooo lovely to read all your comments 🙂

    I guess you must all be Year 6 now? Things have moved on for me too… I’m not in Wales anymore – I live near Birmingham! I am Cat of Catshill 🙂 So maybe I will see you all again soon? I’d love that!


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