Jenny Galaxy meets her match- Exclusive release!


This amazing blockbuster was written, edited, filmed and acted by some incredible Year 4 pupils last year!

21 thoughts on “Jenny Galaxy meets her match- Exclusive release!

  1. At the moment this is the only Willy Wonka video that I can publish to the blog as it is the only group which I have permission slips for to use images on the blog.
    If I get the permission slips from other children then I will add some more videos.

    Miss Martindale

  2. The acting was very great kimran and sahar. I loved doing the acting it was really exillerating. I hope Anne likes it because we worked really hard on it.

  3. I loved your play Kimran, Sahar and Amaan.I love your humorous lines Amaan.I enjoyed doing playscripts.I enjoyed everyones plays.I hope Anne chooses our plays it would be fantastic to be on TV.Imagine all the people who would watch our plays on CBBC.That would be amazing.

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