Night at the Museum ~ Find out more about Ancient Egypt

Click on the link to find out more about this period of time:

DK Find Out – Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Timeline

Writing in hieroglyphs


Hieroglyphic Puzzles

A Hieroglyphics Typewriter!

You will need to be on a laptop or computer for the following links:


Other games to explore Ancient Egypt – DO NOT WORK ON TABLETS

📚 World Book Day 2020 📚

What’s your favourite story or information book..? Why do you like it..?

We had great fun thinking about our favourite book characters and dressing up for the day… Take a look at some pictures… Can you guess the characters and books..?

We looked at this book which was just like another book we had read about Vikings.

Later, we ‘threw some shapes’ dancing at our Celebration disco… Woohooo! 🎉🎉🎉

Night at the Museum ~ Ancient Egypt + Spotting anachronisms!

We have been thinking about Ancient Egypt and when this period of time fitted in World history. We know it lasted a very long time! Can you say how long..? Watch the clips to refresh yourself about key facts.

Introducing Ancient Egypt BBC

Ancient Egypt EdYouToo

We looked at a picture and spotted ten anachronisms. An anachronism is something that didn’t occur, exist or hadn’t been invented then.

⏰ Tell the time ⏰

In Year 2, you should have learned how to tell the time to quarter of an hour at least, as this photo shows:

Check you can do this at least, then revise telling it to 5 minutes, e.g. 6:20 or 1:55.

This half term, we will be reading it to the nearest minute, e.g. 4:21 or 12:03.

Today, we also discussed a.m (ante meridian ~ before midday or before noon) and p.m. (post meridian ~ after midday or after noon). Is 12:00 midnight a.m. or p.m…?

Explore time with the interactive clocks by clicking on the links:

Interactive clock

Interactive Clock 2

Tell the time 1

Talking Analogue Clock

Try timing yourself or certain activities:

Stopwatch – Analogue