Welcome to Bollywood

We’ve had a busy first day! When we came to school our classroom had been transformed into a Bollywood cinema. We saw a Bollywood film and we got to try on clothes from India.


Our challenge this half term is to create our own Bollywood movies!

52 thoughts on “Welcome to Bollywood

    • I think we looked fabulous Mrs Hargun! Thank you for getting us all dressed and showing us how to put on a sari!

  1. Hello to Henry, Daniel and 3P from the Dotson family in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. You all look like movie stars!!

  2. Greetings to Henry and his friend Daniel and class 3P at Bearwood School from Vanessa McManus in Christchurch New Zealand

  3. Hello to Henry, Daniel, and 3P! I really love your colourful costumes — such fun to look at! I live in the state of Maryland in the U.S. but am writing to you from Chicago, Illinois where I am visiting for a work meeting. Looking forward to hearing more about your movie! –Joyce

  4. Greetings to Henry and his friend Daniel and class 3P at Bearwood School. Good luck with the Bollywood Movie it looks like fun, Joanna. Posting from Alexander Heights, Perth, Western Australia.

  5. Greetings Henry and his Daniel and class 3P at Bearwood School. You guys are doing some cool things at school from Vanessa McManus in New Zealand

  6. Hello Henry, Daniel and everyone in 3P! Magnificent work! Love from Rae in Tasmania, Australia (quite near Antarctica!)

  7. Hello to Henry, Daniel and all of 3P! Great work! I love the story about India you have told and the amazing costumes to go with it. What a wonderful lesson! It makes me wish i was back in school. Keep up the amazing work. The Baker family – Amsterdam, Netherlands

  8. Sending greetings to Henry, Daniel and everyone in Class 3P.
    I am posting from Jonzac, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.

  9. Howdy from The Great State of Texas to Henry, Daniel and everyone in class P3. Y’all look awesome in your Bollywood outfits. What a fun teacher you must have!! I live in Dallas, Texas.

  10. Bonjour Henry, Daniel et la classe de 3P.
    I teach English as a foreign language in a French secondary school.
    You all look amazing. Keep on the great work!
    I am posting from Reims, Grand Est, in France.

  11. Hi Henry, Daniel and all the class of 3P.
    Just wanted to say Hello from Sunny California and tell you you all look fabulous!

    Jane Bell

    PS I’m told it’s raining a lot there lately so hope you get some lovely sunshine soon

  12. Hello to Daniel and Henry and the entire 3P class from Norway! You all look so lovely. Wishing you a lovely day!

  13. Class 3P!!! You all look awesome!!!!!! I hope you all enjoyed dressing up! It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Fab pics!!


    Baviter (Mrs Hargun’s daughter)

  14. Dzien dobry from Poland to Henry, Daniel and 3P. You all look amazing! I want to get dressed up and dance too 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  15. Hello Henry and Daniel and all in 3P,

    Greetings from Accra in Ghana, Africa where it is a steady 30 degrees every day and too hot to go outside during the day – even during rainy season!

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