Before Man

Year 3 have been learning how to sketch over the last couple of weeks.  They have had a visit from a local Artist called Trish she has been coming into school to help us make and deisgn our own pop up book.  The children have been using their skills to sketch the Dinosaur that they have been writing about in English. Here are a few examples of the work that they produced. Well done Year 3.

Did you hear a Dinosaur roar?

Year 3 were sat quietly in an English lesson, then they heard a loud roar and saw a shadow go past the  door.  What was it….? They were all very inquisitive, so we grabbed the magnify glass and went exploring.  As soon as we left the classroom we found some large footprints, and continued to follow the footprints around the school. We ended up the dinning room where we stumbled across some dinosaur bones.

What type of dinosaur  was it?

Would the dinosaur  return?


3D’s trip to Salop Market Garden

Today we walked a long way to Salop Market Garden where we learnt lots about how to grow and look after different plants. 

While we were there we made plant pots from newspaper,mans planted broad beans which we will take home and look after. 

We also had a chance to smell lots of different types of herbs. 

Then, we went on a tour of the gardens where we were allowed to water some of the cabbages in the poly tunnels. We picked spinach leaves and took them back to the kitchen to wash and eat. Some of us liked the spinach and some didn’t. 

We really enjoyed our trip to today and can’t wait to grow some vegetables of our own!