3P’s Viking ships.

Today we used our relationship power to work with others to make our own Viking ship. We could be as creative as we wanted and we used our resourcefulness power.

It was really fun especially when we looked at the other groups ships in the art gallery.


Viking houses.

Last week in forest school we worked in groups to make a Viking house. We used our facts that we had learnt in class to make our house as real as possible.

We used our relationship power to work together and we were resourceful finding lots of sticks and twigs around the forest.


Viking bread making

Today we made Viking bread. We got very messy but it was fun. We worked in groups to read the recipe before we started.

We had to measure and weigh all the ingredients and make sure we followed the instructions in the right order.
We think our Viking bread may taste very nice, we’re all so excited to eat the bread.


Forest School.

We had the most exciting afternoon, we went to forest school to do some activities there about Invasion. This is because our new topic is about the Vikings.
First Miss Coleman showed us how to make a Viking bracelet then we had to use our relationship power to make this with our partners.

It was such a fun afternoon, keep checking the blog to see all the learning we do at the forest.


My Viking ship.

A long time ago there was a dangerous ship that was made out of wood .The ship was narrow and had a gigantic sail. The adventure was awesome and the sails had stripes on them. When the ship travelled the sea was wavy and choppy.

By Areeba.


We are so excited to start learning all about our new topic ‘Invasion’.
Have a look at this website and explore some of the facts and games. You may even find the answers to some of the questions you have thought of for your homework over the holidays.

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